Autopanic Zero FAQ

Created: May 10, 2022

Last Updated April 3, 2023: Here are answers to frequently asked questions about my second game, Autopanic Zero!

Where does Autopanic Zero come from? 🔗

Autopanic is originally designed to be a shoot ‘em up when it started. Here’s an old Reddit post of its early days.

Anyways after wrapping up most core pillars of Autopanic in May 2022, I decided to take a look at this phenomenal game called Vampire Survivor that stormed the internet. And oh boy, isn’t it fun!

So now that my game is a much overkill version of that original vision, I thought to myself that it’ll be interesting to revisit the original idea with the tools I have. Following the popularity of games like 20 Minutes Till Dawn, I figure some people might appreciate something like this as it is.

Hence Autopanic Zero was born.

So is Autopanic Zero connected to Autopanic in any way? 🔗

Yes, indeed. Autopanic Zero canonically takes place before the events of Autopanic.

Where can I get Autopanic? 🔗

Autopanic Zero will soon be available on:

What are the minimum system requirements? 🔗

This one is tricky.

I can only say that CPU is the key to run this game smoothly and the game will gladly use up all the cores you have. I’ve done multitude of optimization to allow the overkill AI inherited from Autopanic to run at a much larger scale. Steam Deck is basically the minimum spec I’m targeting so I’ve made sure Steam Deck can run at a consistent 800p/60fps.

I’m personally satisfied about the result. Further optimization would require a complete overhaul of AI structure, which I’m convinced to do some time in the future, just not now.

For now please make sure you have a powerful multicore CPU. If you’re running into trouble, turn off the destruction simulation entirely, turn off dynamic lighting entirely, enable dynamic resolution, and limiting framerate might help for a smoother gameplay.

Does Autopanic Zero have PC controller support? 🔗

Yes! The game automatically work with any controller thrown at it. If not? That’s probably Unity’s fault. You can also toggle on/off Steam Input, both of which might lead to a proper detection of controller input.

Is Autopanic Zero a multiplayer game, or are there any plans for multiplayer? 🔗

On one hand the idea does sound interesting, but on the other hand I’m not particularly sure how to make such design. Plus I haven’t written any netcode for games yet, would took some serious research to ensure it being bug-free.

Will probably investigate but don’t keep your hopes up.

Does Autopanic Zero support PC cloud saves? 🔗

Yes! You may also find local copies of your saves under Documents/Saved Games/Autopanic Zero.

How do I use auto aim in Autopanic Zero with Mouse and Keyboard? 🔗

Go to Accessibility and turn off Use Mouse Aim. Auto aim will kick in.

Hol’up Mouse aiming should be quite easy, why don’t you just aim?

So that’s it for the Autopanic Zero FAQ? 🔗

That’s all of it! Thanks for reading ;)