04. Early Level Design with Wave Function Collapse

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I was quite obsessed with Oskar Stålberg’s games back in August 2020. Bad North and Townscaper both proven to be some decent piece and showcase the randomly generated with authored visual potential of Wave Function Collapse quite well.

So I tried my hand at writing one such algorithm over several attempts with some success.

Then I proceed to scrap the idea of using WFC.

The reason being although I’m starting to generate some unique geometry (as in not seem like tiles), they never hit any sense of meaningfulness in visual. Oskar Stålberg also implied that Bad North has 200+ pieces of models to be synthesized. As a total amateur in game development in every sense, there’s no way I can match that.

The actual level design (or the lack of) will come in much later in development.

Here are some of the WFC efforts:

rim condition