05. Early Visual Design

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I wanted to do something that is dirt cheap and effective, though I don’t really know where I’m going. But I quickly established the style with heavy depth of field and the use of dynamic lighting.

dynamic lighting

Then I tried an ambient occlusion heavy visual that focuses on color palette swapping. Which almost stayed till the end.

ambient occlusion

But then the level geometry increased around this time, so I tried my hand at decorating the levels with Unity Particle System. Which I still think looks pretty rad.

particle decoration

Early combat visual also features tons of particles.


particle in motion

However as I slowing move towards a much simple visual choice with most of the visual stuff done with primitives using Shapes, I began to tone down the visual density again.

floor piece 1

floor piece 2

floor piece 3

Since I’m not hitting any jackpot, I decided to work on something else before revisiting visual design.

But this initial attempt solidifies several thoughts:

  • Dynamic elements is much effective than geometry density, such as dynamic light source
  • Since I’m incapable of creating any effective model, I should resort to only primitives
  • Color palette can be effective enough in delivering a vibe