10. Quick Vacation

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Following the minor burnout and finally cleaning up lose ends and laid out some great foundation, I took a three month break to do something else. Like making more games.

Enemy Within 🔗

I made a small game about card. Quickly hacked together nice looking setup with HDRP example scene and had some physics fun.

enemy within selection

enemy within vote

enemy within throw

Taipei Bus Rush 🔗

There’s this long running joke about bus drivers are driving as if they’re racing in Taipei. Only that it is not actually a joke.

Anyways. I then made a game about roaming around Open Street Map generated Taipei with a bus. Collecting passengers at bus station then boost by throwing passengers out. I tried to generate all the racing course with existing bus route. Fun one.

bus movement

bus route

But then I thought I found a gold mine: Tokyo’s OSM marking is surprisingly robust, what if I can generate the whole city then make some quick bucks?