The art of screenshake

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I’m really getting this post clogged up with GIFs huh.

Welp, time for more. Sorry not sorry.

Anyways, I’m very inspired by the famous “The Art of Screenshake” talk and my gameplay is basically derived from that talk.

So this post will be a break down of all the juice added to the game.





Before that, you may download this special build of the game featuring an array of tools to toggle on/off juice:

Download on

And here’s a rapid fire of comparison GIFs.

  1. Baseline

step 1

  1. With Animation

step 2

  1. Lower Time to Kill

step 3

  1. Increase Rate of Fire

step 4

  1. Increase Bullet Size

step 5

  1. Muzzle Flash

step 6

  1. Faster Bullet

step 7

  1. Lower Accuracy for More Dynamics

step 8

  1. Impact Effect

step 9

  1. Hit Reaction

step 10

  1. Enemy Knockback

step 11

  1. Permanence

step 12

  1. Camera Lerp

    Lerp Off:

    step 13-1

    Lerp On:

    step 13-2

  2. Screenshake

step 14

  1. Player Knockback

step 15

  1. Hit Pause

    Hit Pause Off:

    step 16-1

    Hit Pause On:

    step 16-2

  2. Weapon Recoil

step 17

  1. Random Enemy Explosion

step 18

Anyways, that about wrap up my gameplay.